About us



GANZ-SZENTES Steel Works Ltd. started operations in 1978 as the GANZ-MÁVAG Railway Vehicle Plant. After privatization, he continued to operate as part of Ganz-Hunslet Rt. Since 1995, becoming a Hungarian owner, as GANZ-SZENTES Steel Structures Ltd. continues to operate without interruption.

Our company is doing its job on the basis of great technical and manufacturing experience to satisfy the demands of its customers with the products that meet the current technical requirements.


The company's main profile is the manufacture of high precision welded steel structures in the railway automotive industry and the entire machine industry, with 500 to 600 tons of steel plate and 6 to 7,000 meters of fiber per year in S235, S355 grade.

Our products are typically manufactured to individual orders up to a weight limit of 6 tonnes. 80% of our work is category "A" (traceable, with measuring plate, quality certificate).

QUALITY is certified by TÜV Rheinland, according to international standards, with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, highly technical and physical staff. The vast majority of our employees are young, well-trained, welders certified according to MSZ EN 287-1.